Finding Time for What you Want

Some days (most days!) things just don’t work out as planned. Today I completely overslept and it through off my schedule for the entire day. There are so many deadlines to reach and very little wiggle room to get it all done. I find myself going to bed past midnight, waking up early to exercise and meditate, and overdosing on Keurig refills throughout the day just to maintain sanity and a sense of normalcy.

There are goals that I set for myself (the things I really want to do), as well as tasks that need to be done for the Man. I have literally been running on pure adrenaline, trying to take care of all the odds and ends on my to-do list, and today especially, I am looking forward to the time when I can un-plug from the chaos of the world and spend some quality time doing nothing!

One of my favorite quotes is, “You always find time for the things you want.” When I’m contemplating what I really want out of life, I ask myself- how much time can I set aside each day to follow the passions of my heart? Then I look for opportunities to make sure I accomplish my desires each day.

For those of us living a life rich in activity is that sometimes all you need is a moment. Taking a few minutes to pray or breathe with awareness as much as you can throughout the day can be very beneficial to your life. In fact, there is this little trail on my morning walk that I refer to as “Heaven.” It’s so beautiful and breathtaking that as soon as I reach Heaven, I take a moment to breathe, get centered, and give thanks. It’s my mini meditation moment and I look forward to it every day.



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